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Gizmo Phoenix offers several tech renewal services:
Electronics Repair

Do you need electronics repair? Gizmo Phoenix Has decades of experience and service. While we specialize in computer, laptop, tablet, and smart phone repair, we repair industrial equipment as well. We repair cracked screens, water damage, viruses, and more. When bad things happen to good tech, Gizmo Phoenix will be there to repair.

Electronics Recycling

Gizmo Phoenix takes pride in a zero landfill philosophy. Have electronics to recycle? Check our list of accepted materials and bring them to one our partner drop-off locations. We recycle as close to 100% of our waste as possible. The environment is as important to us as electronics, and that is saying a lot!

Data Destruction

Security is important with data that is current and when it is ready for disposal. Gizmo Phoenix uses data destruction procedures based on NAID certificate guidelines. We provide flexible data destruction plans to streamline our approach to your business needs without giving up security.

Buy, Sell, Trade

Sell or Trade in your broken device for cash or a big discount towards one of our pre-owned devices. We pay out better than any of the major service providers for broken devices. Gizmo Phoenix sells pre owned up to 50% below MSRP.

Business Solutions to protect your data.

Recycle and renew

We have partnered with several local businesses to form the Grass is Greener Initiative, an electronics recycling network.

Grass is Greener Initiative

It is now SC law that all electronic devices must be recycled. Unfortunately, the nearest place to drop off recycling has been at the landfill...until now! Our great partnerships with local businesses provide a convenient way to recycle electronics in Greenville, SC. without the hassle of driving miles out of your way. The best part is, it is free!

Find an electronics recycling drop-off location by searching below:


Want to sell or trade your old tech?

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