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sell ipadsHave a new device and want to know if I can sell my iPad?  With Gizmo Phoenix, you can sell old iPads and get cash today. Gizmo Phoenix gives the highest payout on any apple tablet or used iPad in any condition.  Sell old iPads, even with a cracked screen, for fast cash on the spot. Sell iPads for cash today! Even if your iPad won't turn on or has water damage your iPad could be worth money.  With Gizmo Phoenix's expert staff, we can diagnose and give you a free estimate in minutes.

Which iPad do I have?

With numerous iPad models, it may be hard to know which apple tablet you own.  To identify your iPad check the model number printed on the back of the device.  For example, if a model number is A1490 the model is a iPad mini 2.  Here are some other examples of some commonly found model numbers:
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iPad Selling FAQ

  • Where Can I sell my iPad?

We will buy your iPad in our store! Contact, or call us now to find out more. You can sell iPad for instant cash. Why wait?

  • How much is my iPad worth?

It depends on several factors. What condition is it in? What model do you have? Is it broken?
  • I want to sell a new iPad, do you pay more?

We have the highest payout for a new iPad in Greenville, SC. Don't waste your time with pawnshops. They don't specialize in tech, so they don't have specific customers for that niche.

Too broken to sell?

Cracked screens or no power will greatly reduce the value of your item. In some cases it is best to just recycle it. We may even be able to give you scrap value.