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cash for ipodWhere can I sell iPods?  Sell iPods or sell MP3 player locally with Gizmo Phoenix.  With Gizmo Phoenix, you will be paid cash for iPods.  If you're no longer using that MP3 player, get the best value out of your device today.  Finally, an answer to "Who buys iPods?"  Gizmo Phoenix buys nearly all iPods and MP3 players for cash, so you'll never have to wonder where you can sell iPods again.

Where can I sell iPods - Who buys iPods?

With our expert staff at Gizmo Phoenix, we will be able to assess and diagnose your iPod or MP3 player quickly for free.  Even if your iPod is broken, it could still be worth cash.  Screens can be replaced or batteries changed to restore your Apple iPod's health back to full.  Performing some of these tasks maybe risky, because of the size of the device and flimsiness of the materials used to make the product.  Let the staff at Gizmo Phoenix take the hassle out of the process and give you maximum payout for the device as is.
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Cash for iPods - Sell MP3 Player

At Gizmo Phoenix, your security and privacy is our highest priority.  Every iPod sold to us is put through a full reset and wipe assuring every customer that their data is safe. There are a few things to consider before you sell your iPhone:
  1. Backup your data - Make sure all your data is backed up to your computer or to a cloud service.
  2. Factory Reset - Reset your iPod back to default factory settings.
  3. Disable Security Applications - Disable security applications so your iPod can be re-purposed.

Not worth selling?

Gixmo Phoenix will recycle your old ipod or mp3 player if it isn't worth buying. We may even give scrap value!