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sell tablets With Gizmo Phoenix, you can sell tablets and get cash today. Gizmo Phoenix gives the highest payout on any tablet in any condition.  Sell tablets, even with a cracked screen, for fast cash on the spot. Sell broken tablets for cash today! Even if your tablet won't turn on or has water damage your tablet could be worth money.  With Gizmo Phoenix's expert staff, we can diagnose and give you a free estimate in minutes to buy your tablet.

Sell Tablets or Sell Broken Tablets For Cash

If you want to sell old tablets, onsite technicians will evaluate and quickly quote a price for your tablet free of charge. If your tablet can be bought, you will get paid cash on the spot. With the number of new tablet products coming to market, selling your tablet now will fetch the highest dollar.  The latest tablet models can drop as much as $100 in value when the new tablet model hits the shelves.  Additionally, previous models devalue between 10 and 20 percent. At Gizmo Phoenix, your security and privacy is our highest priority.  Every tablet sold to us is put through a full reset and wipe assuring every customer that their data is safe. There are a few things to consider before you sell your tablet:
  1. Backup your data - Make sure all your data is backed up to your computer or to a cloud service.
  2. Factory Reset - Reset your iPhone back to default factory settings.
For any questions please come see us or give us a call. We have the highest payout for a new tablets in Greenville, SC. Don't waste your time with pawnshops. They don't specialize in tech, so they don't have specific customers for that niche.
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Tablet Selling FAQ

  • Where Can I sell My Tablet?

We will buy your tablet in our store! Contact, or call us now to find out more. You can sell cell phone for instant cash. Why wait?

  • How Much Is My Tablet Worth?

It depends on several factors. What condition is it in? What model do you have? Is it broken?
  • I want to sell a new tablet, do you pay more?

Not Worth Selling?

Gizmo Phoenix will recycle your tablet if it isn't worth buying. We may give scrap value also!