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Laptop Repair

Computer ServiceEver have a problem with your laptop and ask yourself, “Where can I get my laptop fixed?” Whether you need laptop screen repair or spyware removal, Gizmo Phoenix can help you with any laptop issue or laptop repair in greenville, SC.  We’re more than just one of those places to fix laptops.  We pride ourselves on our ability to diagnose and handle all of you computer service needs.

Average Laptop Repair Costs:

While every computer service is unique, here are a few costs to resolve some computer issues.

  • Testing $25
  • Check up and Cleaning – Dramatically extend your laptop’s life $50
  • Virus Removal – Spyware Removal – $99*
  • Computer Reload – $75**

Gizmo Phoenix provides our customers with the best service for the best price.  Call us today and schedule an on-site or in-office laptop repair service in the Upstate today.

where can i get my laptop fixedMany laptop repairs require the purchasing of parts.  When you call us or bring in your laptop repair issue, we will always explain the laptop repairs so you can explain it.

We are one of the best places to fix laptops

Regardless of what’s keeping your laptop from running like new, Gizmo Phoenix’s laptop repair services will restore it’s health.

Next time you find yourself asking, “where can I get my laptop fixed”, call Gizmo Phoenix!

*May need refresh if problem persists.

**Must have a valid windows key, or price may include new license

Virus Removal Services in Greenville, SC

Is your computer running slow? You may need virus removal! Studies have shown 32% of computers in the world have some sort of virus, yet are still used everyday. Those computers can spread viruses to your computer. Viruses can cause slow internet speeds, unwanted popups, or even stop your computer from working completely. Gizmo Phoenix can take care of malware removal while maintaining the best rates in Greenville, SC. We can remove viruses, spyware, malware, or clean up any unwanted software as well as give you the knowledge you need to avoid the source of the virus.

Contact us now to get malware removed from your computer today!