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Television Repair

At Gizmo Phoenix, our television repair team can quickly help you get back to watching the big game on any make or model.  Why spend hundreds of dollars when Gizmo Phoenix can be your one stop electronics repair shop.  With decades of knowledge in all TV services,  we can drastically reduce the costs of having to deal with your television woes.

Here are some common questions about television repair:

  • “How much will it cost to fix TV screen?”
    • Depending on the make, model, and problem prices typically range from $1-$2
  • “What are the flat screen TV screen repair costs?”
    • While we can speculate on what could be wrong, tv repair boards start at $1
  • “Where are places that fix tv screens near me?”
    • Gizmo Phoenix is now operating within the Greenville, SC area.
  • “Can you fix a cracked TV screen?”
    • While customers have a special attachment to their televisions, it may not always be the most cost efficient to replace or fix a cracked screen.  Let Gizmo Phoenix’s expert team diagnose the problem.

Electronics repair shops are becoming a thing of the past.  Don’t waste any money by replacing your broken television.  Let Gizmo Phoenix be your electronics repair shop today.